And finally: Google's 'Manhattan' is its Echo Show competitor

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And finally: Google's new Home

This week saw a fleet of brand new products announced. Amazon had its surprise Echo event where it announced a total eight new home, while Garmin unveiled the Forerunner 30 and Vivofit Jr. 2.

Oh, and let's not forget GoPro, which also announced two new products: The GoPro Hero6 Black and the GoPro Fusion. The latter of those two will only arrive in November, however.

That's not all that happened this week. So follow along as we check out some of the other big stories of the week. And, as always, if you need more news you can check out our dedicated news section.

Google 'Manhattan' is its Echo Show competitor

And finally: Google's 'Manhattan' is its Echo Show competitor

The smart home cold war between Google and Amazon has only begun. We've already seen the two companies duel over features, and this week Google took away YouTube from the Echo Show. This is on top of the expected Google Home Mini we're supposed to see next week.

Now TechCrunch is reporting that Google is definitely working on an Echo Show competitor, currently codenamed 'Manhattan.' Google will of course be using Android to run it, making it easier for developers to make apps for it. One of those developers just happens to be Netflix. It's unclear when we'll see it, but with YouTube, Netflix and Google Assistant on its side, it's going to be something we'll need to pay attention to.

Samsung waiting on Gear Fit2 Pro iPhone compatibility

And finally: Google's 'Manhattan' is its Echo Show competitor

Samsung's Gear Fit2 Pro is now on sale, and it's been advertised as iPhone compatible. The one big problem with that, however, is the iOS app that enables that isn't available yet.

So what's the hold up? Samsung says it's waiting for Apple to OK the app, which is apparently being held up by the sometimes frustrating, sometimes baffling App Store approval process. Unfortunately, it's unclear when Apple will actually give it the go-ahead, so if you're an iPhone user with a Gear Fit2 Pro, hold in there.

Sonos' Alexa-equipped speaker

And finally: Google's 'Manhattan' is its Echo Show competitor

Amazon is trying to put Alexa absolutely everywhere, and part of that strategy is to fit it into as many devices as possible. One of those partnerships is reportedly Sonos, and this week we might have gotten a sneak peak at the device.

This leaked image contains user interface elements that line up with UI details previously revealed in an FCC filing. However, it's still difficult to tell whether this is the real deal, especially without seeing that blueish-green Alexa light. We won't have too long to find out though, as Sonos is rumored to announce it at an event on 4 October. With Google also holding an event that day, we wouldn't be surprised if the Sonos speaker also supports Google Assistant.

LIFX's colored wall panels

And finally: Google's 'Manhattan' is its Echo Show competitor

Nanoleaf's Aurora wall lights are some of the coolest smart lights you can own, and it doesn't seem like LIFX wants to take that any longer. This week the company announced its own light panels. It's called the LIFX Tile - it's a series of five panels that can be arranged in different ways and output 16 million colors on 64 independent zones. This means that colors can change across the tile, giving off a pulsating wave-like effect. You can pick up a five-pack for $249.99.


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