And finally: Google Glass 2 coming 2016 and more

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And finally: Google Glass 2 coming

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Google Glass 2 coming 2016

The second iteration of smart glasses from Google will arrive in 2016, but unfortunately it won't be for public amusement according to Slash Gear. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be apparently be aimed towards businesses that use the Android for Work program. How fun.

There are purportedly two improvements over the first Google Glass; a larger battery to be kept in the users pocket and attached via a wire to the glasses and a Wi-Fi connection, which will be boosted from 2.4GHz up to 5GHz.

Want smart glasses? Try our article on Google Glass alternatives.

Microsoft Band 2 incoming

Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin Turner, speaking during the company's Worldwide Partner Conference, confirmed that Microsoft is working on a second iteration of its fitness tracker.

We weren't exactly enamoured with Microsoft's first effort - take a look at our Microsoft Band review to find out why. The sequel is expected to address the failings of the original. Making it actually wearable would be a good start.

Cooling clothing helps weight-loss

Thin Ice is a clothing line on Indiegogo that uses targeted cooling to trick your body's metabolism into working harder and thus burning extra calories.

There are two products, the Thin Ice insole and vest, which connect to your smartphone letting you change the temperature, check calorie info and advice on keeping healthy. The insoles have a battery life of 4-8 hours, while the vest's is 6-8 hours, and both come in a range of sizes.

You can pick up both the vest and the insole for $75 each, half the price of the RRP. Your kind of thing? Read about the best gym wearables and other crowdfunding projects.

Turkish smartwatch goes live

TeknoSA, a tech chain store in Turkey, is releasing the Pwatch; offering distance, step and sleep tracking, as well as measuring calories burned, body mass index and even give a chance to prepare a diet program for you.

Aimed at people wanting a healthy lifestyle, the smartwatch straps will come in a variety of colours and will retail for 99 Turkish Lira ($40). The style, features and pricing hints towards this being more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch. It looks a lot like the Fitbit Charge HR, don't you think.


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  • fb_102065341 says:

    My Top 10 Favorite Features: Google Glass Enterprise Edition

    Eric C. Gould

    1. Google Glass Enterprise edition will be able to read unmodified PDF’s

    2. Larger screen will allow users to read an entire page of existing text

    3. When WiFi available no mobile phone will be required.

    4. Will track user location down to inches - indoors

    5. Support additional batteries for extended use via belt clip-on

    6. versions. One with camera - other none. Camera version will have red tally & support gestures

    7. HDMI Support. Works with existing mobile phone apps. Android only.

    8. Supports Bluetooth LE for instant network and phone set-up

    9. Interacts with Brillo IoT for identification. location etc.

    10, My favorite. User can set preference to terminate other Glass user's camera operation by vicinity 

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