And finally: Best wearable whispers of the week

We round up the blips on our news radar from the last week
Wearable tech rumour round-up

Every week we receive scores of tip offs and half stories from the world of wearable tech, that we don’t deem important enough to write stories on. However, those whispers, rumours and downright nonsense are what make the world of technology so fun. That’s why, in our first ever “And finally” we’re rounding up the more spurious claims from the world of wearables.

Essential reading: Week in wearable tech

LG to make 3G smartwatch

GforGames has spotted an application going through the FCC for a 3G smartwatch from LG. Following the Samsung Gear S, it seems more smartwatches could emerge that have their own data connection, rather than relying on a Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone.

Samsung to add fingerprint tech

It seems the future of shopping is going to be on your wrist – as we outlined in our feature – but what about security? Well, after Samsung’s partnership with PayPal was outed, Payment Week reckons Sammy is planning to add Apple-style fingerprint technology to its smartphones and wearables via human interface firm Synaptics.

Apple Watch delays

At the Apple Watch launch in Cupertino last month the company refused to be drawn on a release date for its smartwatch, other than “early 2015”. However, that hasn’t stopped analyst Brian Blair from telling anyone who will listen that delays will mean Apple won’t release its watch until February – in limited quantities. Still sounds like early 2015 to us.

Burberry has dedicated wearable tech team

Wired has revealed that Burberry has its own wearable tech team – aptly named the What If Group. The What If group aims to look at such conundrums as “What happens if you put technology into fibers? And: What happens if you put chips into an accessory?”


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