Metaverse Makeovers takes its augmented reality nail art to China

Teen girls get beauty obsessed wearable tech
Metaverse Makeovers takes AR nails to China

For girls who want to update their nails as often as their Instagram profile comes Metaverse Makeovers, a wearable tech cosmetics startup based in Australia. Wearing its line of augmented reality compatible stick-on nails, users can view digital animations or 'holograms', and backgrounds, through iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and, we'd bet, at some point smartglasses.

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The AR nails were demoed at the Queensland University of Technology's Creative 3 conference where Metaverse's founder Thea Baumann detailed plans of her expansion into China after a $750,000 round of investment.

Metaverse is building what it calls a 3D social network in which users can share the 3D animations with friends by pointing their gadgets at their nails. The idea is that customers of nail bars can log onto the Wi-Fi and play around with the app while they wait. Metaverse's app store for the holograms has just launched and smart clothing, accessories, gaming and custom digital designs are all on the horizon too.

As the nails are scanned by smartphones, there's consciously been no attempt to squeeze any electronics into the designs as we've seen with the stick-on trackpad NailO. "We act as a counter-voice to what is perceived as wearable technology," Baumann told StartupSmart. "We don't see ourselves as sitting in that quantified space. We're embedding wearable technology in the growing nail industry and adding value to what is already a vibrant nail and beauty sector."

The playfulness and focus on customisation should be a hit in Asia where Frog's market research found that many young people in China change up their look on a daily basis.

Like Jewelbots, a recent smash hit wearable tech Kickstarter campaign for girls, Metaverse is expanding not only what we associate with augmented reality but who is interested in using it.


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