Hussein Chalayan and Intel take stress tracking accessories to Paris Fashion Week

A biofeedback fashion show in Paris
Hussein Chalayan's biofeedback fashion show

Hussein Chalayan, the British-Cypriot designer who was designing spectacular LED, remote controlled and dissolving dresses way before the Apple Watch was a thing, has taken stress tracking accessories to Paris Fashion Week.

Chalayan has hooked up with Intel to send out five models in his S/S 17 show in the sixth arrondissement wearing smartglasses and connected belts which measure their stress levels.

The biometric accessories are powered by Intel's Curie module, which we've seen make appearances in smart shoes and garments at New York Fashion Week recently.

The glasses use two EEG electrodes on either side of the wearer's temple on the frames, aiming to measure brainwave activity, an optical HR sensor on the nose bridge and a microphone nearby to track breathing.

The belts, meanwhile, receive the data from the glasses via Bluetooth then process it via an Intel Compute Stick, running on a low power Atom processor, and actually then project the results as a real time visual animation onto a wall within the Fashion Week venue.

The belts, which as you can see are designed to be big enough to house the computer, contains a pico projector and will interpret data into five themes: outer measure, stiff upper lip, beings, imminence of danger and omnipresence. Bonkers but brilliant.

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To make it more effective, the chosen models have been told to use breathing techniques to try to reduce their stress and see the changes in real time on the public visualisation to get biofeedback.

We'll be talking to Intel VP of wearables Sandra Lopez later today to get more detail on the collaboration and we'll keep an eye on any other wearable tech experiments coming from Paris Fashion Week this weekend.

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