TicWatch E2 is available for just $120 on Amazon in early Black Friday deal

Beat the crowds with this early smartwatch deal
TicWatch E2 sees big Amazon saving
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Black Friday week is picking up momentum, and those looking for a TicWatch deal are already able to nab the entry-level E2 smartwatch for just $119.99 on Amazon.

As part of a group of limited time deals through the retailer, buyers interested in the starter smartwatch are able to save $40 off the previous asking price of $159.99.

Amazon: TicWatch E2 - save $40
Amazon: TicWatch E2 - save $40

This allows you to get in on the ground floor of Wear OS - Google's smartwatch operating system - for a very limited outlay. And with the TicWatch E2, you get Wareable's pick for one of the top smartwatches available in 2019; a device that comes with a subtle design, waterproofing and a heart rate monitor.

"A lovely screen, sports tracking features some pricier smartwatches don't include, a slick Wear OS performance and some nice TicWatch extras, too," is how we described the watch in our extended TicWatch E2 review earlier this year.

However, as we say, it's not the only device from the range to receive a price slash.

A limited time deal is also available on the black model of the older generation, the TicWatch E, letting buyers pick up the smartwatch for just $75.

Amazon: TicWatch E - save $25
Amazon: TicWatch E - save $25

Again, this is great value - letting you save $25 off its previous Amazon price - and an excellent way to get a smartwatch for next to nothing. Not only do you still get the same heart rate monitoring smarts and customization within Wear OS, but the E has much of the same design DNA as its successor.

It may not have the premium build of an Apple Watch, and it's probably not the right pick for those looking for a sporty watch, but it is an ideal wrist partner for those who want a simple, neat first smartwatch.

And don't forget, TicWatch won't be the only brand seeing its wares hit the Black Friday sale. Make sure to look around the rest of our hub pages and scout out the best smartwatch deal you can:

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