Oculus Black Friday 2019: Rift, Quest and Go deals to expect

Everything you need to pick up a discounted Oculus HMD this Black Friday
Oculus Black Friday 2019 guide
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Black Friday week is just around the corner and the deals are coming thick and fast. We've seen big bargains on smartwatches and fitness trackers – and Oculus VR headsets are right up there on that list, too.

If you're looking to get an Oculus VR headset, whether that's the wallet-friendly Oculus Go or the more high-end Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift and Rift S, Black Friday will be the best time to pick one up on the cheap. Chances are, we can expect Oculus apps and games to go on sale as well.

Needless to say, we've covered all of Oculus' VR headsets a great deal here at Wareable. Between reviewing each headset and rounding up the best games, we've also kept a keen eye on prices throughout the year and during big sales events like last year's Black Friday.

This means we've got a good idea of the discounts you're likely to see during Black Friday 2019.

We'll be using this page to deliver you the best Oculus Black Friday deals during the big event, so be sure to check back.

When is Oculus Black Friday 2019?

The date you need to keep in mind is Friday 29 November for Black Friday itself, but expect the Oculus deals to roll in throughout the month of November in the build up. Discounts should also continue through the weekend after Black Friday into Cyber Monday on 2 December.

If you're looking towards Amazon for Black Friday deals on Oculus HMDs, then you'll want to factor in 22 November through to Black Friday on 29 November. That's because the retailer has just announced a whopping eight days worth of deals.

But for now, keep reading to find out the deals we think are on the horizon.

Oculus Black Friday 2019 deals predictions

The best way to gauge what the discounts might be on Oculus headsets is to look at historical prices because those set the bar for future discounts. Last year's Black Friday is a good starting point, as is this year's Amazon Prime Day back in July.

Oculus Rift and Rift S Black Friday

Oculus Black Friday 2019: What Rift, Quest and Go deals to expect

For the Oculus Rift, there was an official discount from the Oculus store taking it down to $349, a saving of $50. This same deal with the touch controllers was pretty much replicated at most major retailers both sides of the pond. Amazon had the same price, as did the likes of Best Buy and Argos.

Since last year, Oculus has introduced the newer Oculus Rift S, which improves the optics as well as removing the need for awkward room sensors. This has been retailing steadily at its full RRP of $399

Oculus Black Friday 2019: Rift, Quest and Go deals to expect

Interestingly, Lenovo has revealed an Oculus Rift S discount for Black Friday in its ad. It will be dropping the Oculus Rift S to $349, which is in line with our predictions. It throws the gauntlet down to other retailers, so fingers crossed others will look to beat this price.

Advancements to the Oculus Quest might make shifting the Rift S more likely, too, as Oculus seemed to put a strong focus on the newer Quest headset at its recent event as you'll see below.

Oculus Quest Black Friday

Oculus Black Friday 2019: What Rift, Quest and Go deals to expect

Arguably the most tempting headset from Oculus now – especially as Oculus recently announced Oculus Link, which essentially turns the Quest into a PC-connected Rift. This gives you the best of both worlds – a wireless VR experience and a PC-tethered one when you want the extra processing power.

The Oculus Quest was only released earlier in the year with the same $399 price point as the Rift S, which makes it trickier to make any predictions. The Quest hasn't shifted at all from its full RRP in the few months since its release.

Still, we wouldn't be too surprised to see another deal around the $349 mark. For the money, these could fly off the shelves – digital or otherwise.

Oculus Go Black Friday

Oculus Black Friday 2019: What Rift, Quest and Go deals to expect

The cheapest option in the Oculus range, the Go is another wire-free headset but geared more towards media consumption than gaming (pick up a Quest if you really want wire-free games).

The Oculus Go dropped to $179, a saving of $20, for Black Friday 2018. Interestingly, it was also the one Oculus VR headset to appear in this year's Prime Day sales in the US.

So far, we know that two big retailers will be dropping the price on the Go this year. Walmart, which they revealed in their Black Friday ad, will drop the price to $149 and Best Buy will have it down to $149 as well.

Back in July, you could pick up an Oculus Go 32GB model for $159, a saving of $40. There was also a discount for the higher capacity 64GB option at $209, down from $249.

So these are the benchmarks for this year's Black Friday price. We wouldn't be too surprised if the Oculus Go dropped to a nice round $150 and set a record low.

Oculus games Black Friday

Oculus Black Friday 2019: What Rift, Quest and Go deals to expect

Last year, there was a sale at the Oculus Store, discounting a whole range of games with daily deals as part of a Fall into Fun promotion. There was also a special Black Friday Premium Pack that bundled seven games with a special discounted price.

There's a good chance similar promotions will be put on this year, so keep your eyes peeled if you're looking to pad out your library.

Where to find the best Oculus Black Friday deals

As mentioned, Amazon will undoubtedly be a good source of Oculus deals. There will also be discounts direct from the Oculus.com store, although these might not be as competitive as from other retailers. Lenovo will be where you will want to go for its $349 discount on the Oculus Rift S, too. It could prove fruitful for other Oculus headsets.

Now all that's left is to wait for Black Friday to kick off. Be sure to check back here throughout November for all the very best Oculus Black Friday deals.

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