Wahoo unveils its Elemnt Mini budget cycling tracker

Track your cadence, heart rate and progress from the bike
Wahoo unveils budget cycling tracker

Wahoo has unveiled the Elemnt Mini, a budget equivalent to its flagship GPS cycling computer.

Acting as a wireless device that clips onto a bike, the Mini can provide data such as cadence, call and text notifications and heart rate, while also enabling friends to follow your ride progress through the company's Live Track feature.

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This, as the name suggests, allows someone following the progress of a ride to tap into the user's current and travelled locations, along with any data that is transmitted through the device itself.

In terms of the actual specs of the Elemnt Mini, it will come equipped with a 1.8-inch diagonal LCD screen, be managed by two buttons sitting below the display and also weigh lighter than its Elemnt siblings, clocking in at 31.2 grams. It also houses Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors to allow it to sync up with additional sensors you may have, such as a heart rate monitor or smartwatch. Of course, the list of compatible devices also includes the Wahoo Tickr X.

The new tracker becomes the third instalment in Wahoo's bike computer line, with the Elemnt and Elemnt Bolt providing larger and more advanced options for cyclists. However, this also comes at a higher cost, with the Elemnt setting you back $329.99 and the Bolt priced at $249.99.

The draw with the fresh Elemnt Mini will be its lower price, with its $99.99 tag less than half of the Bolt sibling. You have to sacrifice features such as an altimeter — not great for anybody who likes to keep track of how much they're climbing — while the GPS connectivity and other features require you to be connected via the smartphone companion app, but generally this is the same package being provided by Wahoo.

If you can handle being tethered to your phone and don't mind missing out on aspects such as navigation, Strava-integrated live segments and pre-loaded global maps, this could be a device worth a second glance.

Wahoo unveils its Elemnt Mini budget cycling tracker


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