Livall MT1 smart bike helmet wants to keep you safe while tracking your ride

Users can keep tabs on speed, cadence and heart rate
Livall MT1 helmet wants to track your ride

A new smart cycling helmet is aiming to keep users safe while tracking the progress of a ride.

The Livall MT1, which is now facing a wider launch off the back of its successful Indiegogo campaign back in 2015, houses LEDs in order to aid cyclist safety, while also featuring in-built Bluetooth speakers and a microphone to provide calls.

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Interestingly, though, the device is able to act as a rider's tracker when paired through the Livall Riding app. Depending on which wearables you decide to link up with the app, you could be able to view data regarding speed, distance and burned calories. If you attach a dedicated monitor through the app, you can also view keep tabs on heart rate.

For more advanced insights, such as slope rate and altitude, you can attach Livall's Nano Cadence Sensor to the bike's pedals. Like with its safety components, the device also allows users to take a photo, listen to music and indicate direction, which is all controlled through the mounted Bling Jet Remote Control.

In terms of the actual specs of the MT1 helmet, it weighs 319 grams and offers a millimetre of protection through its casing. The device, however, comes in just two sizes — medium will fit heads between 54cm and 58cm, while large will suit those operating between 58cm and 62cm.

Of course, while the deciding factor with cycling helmets is rightly the safety features, the most intriguing aspect of the MT1 is its ability to harness data from your ride.

While it won't come cheap — you'll have to fork out $129.99 to pick one up — it does offer an interesting blend between the two areas. We're not sold on the fact that you'll need to make calls or harness the use of the Bluetooth speaker too heavily, but those looking for a device that can keep them protected and pick up useful insights may want to dig deeper on the MT1.

Livall smart bike helmet wants to keep you safe while tracking your track your ride

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