A crowdfund with heart: Tushi Pal is a HR tracker with handmade accessories

Look boho, track steps, do good
Tushi Pal tracker comes with handmade bands

Fitness trackers are making more fashion moves than ever but there's still room for a bit of character. Tushi Pal, which just hit Kickstarter for $99, is a do-it-all tracker with continuous heart rate, activity, sleep tracking as well as call, text and app alerts.

The Fitbit Alta-style device has a screen and an LED to show you what HR zone you're in. The twist? It comes in a range of styles with accessories handmade in Mexico.

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The bands are handwoven by indigenous Mayan artisans using three techniques: Jipi Japa (think Panama hat), Sisal back strap or waist loom (based on ancient traditions) and Sisal Corchado (which involves manual spinning). Initially, all three designs will come in blue, but more colours will be added as stretch goals should the campaign hit its $60,000 goal before 5 January 2017.

The idea is you get a unique, bohemian activity wearable - down to the maker's signature - and you get to help Mayan craftswomen make a living. In the campaign page the device is described as a "Fair Trade fitness tracker" though it's not clear exactly what that means.

Battery life isn't specified but other features include remote camera control, two alarms and notifications if you've been sat down too long. The early bird price is $79.

Amsa's Tushi website lists a series of existing trackers and watches. There's not much info on the fitness tech credentials of the Texas based startup, though, aside from a note on the startup's "three years of experience". The Tushi Pal, if funded, will ship in January 2017. So, not too long to wait.

A crowdfund with heart: Tushi Pal is a HR tracker with handmade accessories

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