Razer Nabu X: Everything you need to know about the budget wearable

Release date, price, specs and all the features for Razer's budget fitness tracker
Razer Nabu X: All you need to know

The Razer Nabu X, which was officially unveiled at CES 2015, and is on sale now for just $49.99 Stateside, £44.99 in the UK.

The quick release of the Nabu X will be music to the ears of patient wearable tech fans who have been waiting since way back at CES 2014 for the Razer Nabu activity tracker to go on sale properly.

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The two devices are fairly similar with one big difference - the Nabu X is "no screen, no fuss". Here's everything else you need to know about the Razer Nabu X...

Razer Nabu X: Design and build

Razer Nabu X release date and price

Apart from the fact there's no screen to display notifications, this is essentially a half-price Razer Nabu. The set up is a detachable module and a one size fits all strap so, unlike the original Nabu, it won't come in two different sizes but there is an adjustable clasp.

It's the same hypoallergenic band though, and comes in black or white (with gold-coloured detail); not the extra green, orange and grey colours found on the original. The Nabu X is also still waterproof, up to 30 minutes in 1m of water, which is impressive considering the low price.

Razer Nabu X: Features

Razer Nabu X release date and price

As before, the Nabu X blends smartwatch and fitness tracking features, though with much less of a focus on interacting with notifications on the wearable itself.

Instead of the screen, you get three colour LEDs which can light up red, green or blue as customised to notifications coming from your smartphone via Bluetooth, or act as a goal indicator to show how you're progressing on your daily steps, for instance. The Nabu X also vibrates on incoming alerts, a fairly standard feature for any wearable band.

A double tap of the Nabu X will let you see how you're doing against your determined goal (steps, distance, calories - it's your choice) and a shake of the wrist will dismiss your notification.

While the original Nabu had a private message screen on the inside of the band, the Nabu X simply lets you know what type of message, call, email or alert is coming through, so you can reach for your smartphone if you deem it necessary.

Razer Nabu X: Apps and Pulse

Razer Nabu X release date and price

In terms of fitness tracking, the Nabu X's accelerometer will track steps, distance, time spent moving and calories burned as well as sleep and send this to both the Nabu Fitness app and third party apps, including Apple Health compatibility, for you to monitor progress. Unlike the Nabu, there is no altimeter included, so hikers or anyone who climbs ten floors everyday should look elsewhere.

Part of Razer's grand wearable tech plan is to make its bands social with Razer's Pulse tech. That means that the Nabu X can be share activity data, interact with multiplayer games and even to 'high five' another Nabu or Nabu X user nearby to quickly exchange Facebook or Twitter info.

With the Razer Nabu X due to go on sale much quicker than its predecessor, we should see examples of apps that tap into this functionality in the coming months. It's an open source platform, so Razer is hoping that developers will be offering up an array of Nabu based games and experiences soon.

Razer Nabu X: Battery life and specs

Razer Nabu X release date and price

A five to seven day battery life is still the order of the day for the Nabu X. Why Razer couldn't squeeze longer out of a fitness tracker that no longer has a screen is beyond us but it's still a decent life cycle from a lithium-polymer power pack.

And as hinted at by the mention of Apple Health, it is of course cross-platform. This Bluetooth band will work with any Android device running Android 4.3 or above and iPhones from the 5/5c/5s and higher.

Razer Nabu X: Price and release date

As mentioned, the Nabu X costs $49.99 or £44.99.

We're hoping to get our hands on a Razer Nabu X soon for full testing, in the meantime check out our hands-on review.

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  • JAEvans says:

    I recently got my hands on a first model Nabu and I must say I do like it. Personally I think they got the cart before the horse as they should have released this model first and then if this Nabu X was successful maybe move to the OLED screen Nabu.

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