Razer Nabu finally headed to Europe in 'next few months'

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Razer Nabu Europe release coming soon

The Razer Nabu has been one of the most anticipated wearables of 2014 but its UK and Europe release date has moved more times than an Oculus Rift gamer on a Virtuix Omni. Even its US release has been limited - a real shame considering we first heard about the smart band at last year's CES.

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But now, with the launch of the much cheaper, screen-less Nabu X, said to be released as soon as 13 January to Razer Insider members, we finally have some more details on the original Razer Nabu.

We caught up with Jun Shen Chia, Razer's global associate manager for product marketing who said Razer simply couldn't cater for the demand around the Nabu in 2014.

"We created such an insane hype that we just couldn’t make enough to satisfy everyone who wanted one," he explained. "That's why we limited the release to the US, but the EU is coming very soon - in the next few months."

Getting devices to backers and customers has been a real pain point for everyone from Jawbone to Fitbit and Withings this year and the Razer Nabu release is one of the worst examples of a wearable tech manufacturer taking too long to deliver on exciting promises.

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Still, the Nabu remains an impressive bit of kit - the band squeezes in two screens for notifications, social features via Razer's Pulse tech and up to a seven day battery life.

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  • JAEvans says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the original NABU has dropped the second screen in favor of having the single privacy screen.

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