The best / worst wearable of the week: Action camera...for dogs

Nikon Heartography camera reacts to Fido's excitement, apparently
The best / worst wearable of the week

We love this. Although, we're also well aware that it's ridiculous.

The Nikon Heartography is a heart rate monitoring camera setup; consisting of a chest strap and a smart case that wraps around a Coolpix compact camera. You set a baseline bpm figure and when you exceed that count, when you're excited for example, the camera snaps a pic.

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All fairly meh, we know. Except when the system is strapped onto a dog. Grizzler, "the world's first canine photographer", in this case.

And what excites Grizzler? From looking at the promo video: flip-flops, baked beans, cats, food and, yes, other dog's bottoms.

Last year, GoPro released a dog-friendly wearable strap for its action camera, letting you capture shots from your pooch's point of view; from stick fetching to duck chasing and everything inbetween.

Nikon Heartography is a lot more advanced, in tech terms, at least...but we still don't think we'll see it hitting the shops any time soon; it's clearly some R&D guy's pet project. (See what we did there?).

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Sources: Engadget & Nikon


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  • Keiemm2 says:

    No more ridiculous than GoPro type cameras for people, or worse, those video capture devices for video games!

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