Snap's next gadget might be a 360-degree camera

GoPro, are you paying attention?
Snapchat has big plans for 360 video

Snap has been working on a 360 camera, according to a new report, although the project is said to be in the "early phases".

According to TechCrunch, the company behind Snapchat has been investigating new hardware options, one of which is a 360-degree camera. Snap is said to have brought in a camera developer with expertise in stereoscopic and 360 camera tech.

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However it remains unclear if anything will actually come of it. The report cites three sources, none of which can confirm if the project will go ahead and become a product. The company is said to be also mulling over a GoPro-like mounted camera, as well as a stereoscopic camera for taking 3D images.

Finally, the same report states that Snap may also look to releasing an updated version of its Snap Spectacles, although right now they are said to have not contributed any meaningful revenue.

A lot of companies are toying with 360 video right now, but aside from a few neat VR videos there hasn't been an awful lot to get us excited. Snapchat's creative audience may be exactly what it needs to really get off the ground.

Snapchat's next product might be a 360-degree camera


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