ORBI Prime brings 360 video recording to stylish glasses

Full 360 capture without the mount
ORBI Prime glasses shoot 360 video

GoPro might be dominating the action camera space right now, but ORBI has come up with a wearable action camera that's a bit more wearable: the Prime 360 capture glasses.

The ORBI Prime just landed on Indiegogo, and is already well over half way to hitting its $75,000 goal. Designed to look like regular sunglasses, the Prime holds four full HD cameras - two one the front, two on the back - and shoots 360-degree video and images.

One charge cycle will let you capture around 90 minutes of video, and with microSD storage capability running up to 128GB, you should have plenty of space to keep it before exporting.

Coming with the glasses is a video editor that will help you do just that, letting you stitch your highlights together and share them on social media. ORBI says this process has been designed to be as quick and straightforward as possible, and you'll be able to add soundtracks, subtitles and other effects to give your personal movies more of an authentic feel.

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With their polycarbonate frame the Prime are designed for outdoor adventures, although the IP64 water resistance means they'll survive some rain or a splashing, but probably not a dunking. Not an option for divers, then.

ORBI Prime brings 360 video recording to stylish glasses

"It's interesting that no one was doing this yet," said CMO Louis Albertini. "That GoPro doesn't pump out its own ORBI". However, the Prime glasses don't record at quite the same spec as GoPro's latest and greatest, as while the Prime can capture 4K horizontally, it falls just short in vertical capture.

They may also remind you of Snapchat's Spectacles, and Albertini said ORBI was "delighted" when Snapchat made the announcement, saying "there was a bit of validation" for what ORBI was doing.

The glasses will come polarised lenses, with the option of transparent lenses too, but Albertini said that prescription ones won't be there on day one, and will likely follow later.

The company is offering some deep discounts for early bird backers, starting at $299, and a standard cost of $499. Retail will be about $650, said Albertini, so these glasses won't come cheap. They also won't arrive until August 2017, which gives more time for any improvements.

ORBI Prime brings 360 video recording to stylish glasses

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