Clip ceases to be, Narrative over for lifelogging camera

The Narrative Clip is the latest lifelogging wearable camera to go south
Narrative Clip is no more

First it was the Autographer, and now the Narrative Clip. That's right - we're talking about the death of lifelogging cameras. The Kickstarter success story has filed for voluntary dissolution and declared it "can no longer continue sales and support of the Narrative Clip."

The Narrative Clip originally hit Kickstarter back in 2012 (then called the Memoto Lifelogging Camera) and smashed its goal, raising more than $550,000. It began shipping in 2013 and was succeeded by a Full HD sequel in 2015.

The idea was a simple one, it took a picture every 30 seconds, thus life-logging a wearer's day. The Clip 2 added short videos to the mix as well.

It's a pretty similar deal to what Snapchat – sorry, Snap Inc – is offering with its new camera-packing Spectacles.

However, as with the Autographer – another life-logging camera, which ceased production at the end of 2014 – the Narrative Clip team have admitted defeat in their quest to "make moments more easily memorable and enjoyable".

Oskar Kalmaru, one of the founders of Narrative, pretty much admitted that to us when we spoke with him last month. "I think it's fair to say that lifelogging – capturing data about your life for the sake of analysis and self-improvement – was a hot trend back in 2012, but has since not grown beyond the core group of dedicated lifeloggers," he said.

Lifelogging cameras are just too darn creepy right? In theory, for festivals, parties and so on they sound like a good idea but it's still unnerving to have random photos being taken frequently with no prep and no permission sought.

Maybe the Snap Spectacles will be a success because you, at least, have to push a button to start recording. We'll see.

Narrative Clip users will, we're told, get access to a new app to download their existing content from Narrative's servers and access any new content captured from their Clips.


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