Logitech unveils its versatile Circle 2 smart home security camera

Support for HomeKit and Alexa is in tow
Logitech unveils versatile Circle 2 camera
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Logitech has unveiled its new Circle 2 giving users more options to install the device around the smart home.

The upgraded version of the original Circle device offers little change to the internals, but does provide users with some fresh versatility — the device can be kept wireless or wired, and also mounted to windows, walls and plug sockets, depending on which accessories you pick up separately.

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So, for example, if you decide you want to place the 180-degree camera on a window and facing outside, this will require the Logitech wall mount. And the same principle applies for the rest of the installation options, with a weatherproof extension cord and extra battery among the extras set to drop next month alongside the new camera.

The Circle 2 will also play nice with Alexa and, thanks to a HomeKit chip in every device, Apple's smart home platform. But interestingly, since HomeKit currently doesn't support battery-powered cameras, it would appear the Circle 2 will only work when plugged into a wired power source. Whether this changes once an upcoming software update is introduced to the device remains to be seen.

All the action and basic notifications, as was previously the case, can be viewed through the Circle companion app, though there's also a subscription service in place for those who want to receive premium features, such as activity zones and person detection. This isn't exactly anything new in the smart security camera space, with $100-per-year fee required for each camera.

Add that to the price of the new device itself, which Logitech will be selling in two kits. One will give you the camera and a wall mount for $179.99, with the other including the Circle 2 and a battery mount for $20 more.

Logitech unveils its shape-shifting Circle 2 smart home security camera


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