Google Clips is a wearable camera that learns to take great pictures

Hands-free lifelogging cam joins the Google family
Google Clips is a smart wearable camera
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Google has taken the wraps on an entirely new type of product for the company, a wearable lifelogging camera called Google Clips.

Ok, so we haven't seen many successful lifelogging cameras, but Clips is different in that it uses machine learning to auto capture the moments it thinks are important. It does this by scanning for people you know and then waits for a stable, clear shot that it thinks will work.

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The more you use clips, the more it'll learn the faces of people and pets you're with regularly. So as time goes on, it'll know that it needs to capture more moments with your kid rather than someone who is coming over for the first time.

Google Clips is a wearable camera that learns to take great pictures

All of this machine learning happens natively on the device. In fact, it doesn't even connect to Wi-Fi networks. It'll only use Wi-Fi to connect to your Android or iOS device, and will transfer over images and videos quickly. You can also back them up to Google Photos via your smartphone for free.

Its 12-megapixel sensor, 130-degree field of view and 15fps will capture photos, videos and "motion photos" (short looping video clips - ha, get it?), which you of course can view on your phone. If you want to take some control, there's a physical button on the device you can press to take a photo. You can also do this via the companion app if you'd rather leave the device out of your hands.

Google Clips is a wearable camera that learns to take great pictures

You'll get up to three hours of battery life on a single charge, and the camera will send a notification to your phone if the lens is blocked and it can't take a proper photo. There's also 16GB of storage for all your photos and videos.

Clips is "coming soon" and will cost $249, which is quite high for a device that a lot of people will probably see as little more than a fun toy. It's not exactly going to compete with GoPro on specs here. But Google is pitching this heavily to parents who want to catch those special moments they might otherwise miss while fumbling for their camera.

Google also announced a whole bunch of other stuff at its big event, including two new Google Homes, the Max and Mini, the Pixel Buds with real-time translation, and a new Daydream View headset.

Google Clips is a wearable camera that learns to take pictures


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