Blincam wearable camera takes photos when you blink

Blink and you won't miss it
Blincam is a blink activated wearable camera

Remember Google Glass? Of course you do. If somehow you've forgotten about the AR eyewear that looks set to live on as a pair of more work-friendly smartglasses, one of its party pieces was the ability to take photos with its built-in camera with a blink of an eye.

Blincam is taking that concept, ditching the AR stuff, and building a blink operated wearable camera that clips onto any pair of glasses.

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Taking a blinking shot is done via a sensor that is able to detect eye movement, which activates the camera shutter. The sensor is able to distinguish between firm blinks and natural blinks to ensure you're not firing off shots 24/7. Images can then be sent wirelessly to your phone or saved to a microSD card.

If you're happy to break up the look of you stylish specs, the wearable cam packs in a high definition CMOS sensor although there's no details on the megapixel count.

The only other specs that we know is that it has a battery built in and micro USB support for topping up the power. We don't know how long that battery life will be though.

The Toyko based company behind Blincam is currently offering the blink activated camera through Japanese crowdfunding website Makuake where a unit will currently set you back ¥19,800. That works out roughly to be around the $200 price mark.

If you want one, you're going to have to wait a while. Shipping is slated for some time in 2017.

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