Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

The top 360 degree cameras to check out
The best 360 degree cameras

VR is well and truly here, but it's not just all about the immersive gaming. It's now possible to use a top 360-degree camera to create amazing VR videos and super spherical flicks.

For people who don't want to spend $40,000 on a Nokia OZO or pay out for GoPro's Omni professional rig, there's now a host of 360-degree shooters that you don't have to break the bank for.

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We've picked out the best 360-degree cams at both ends of the price spectrum, as well as the most exciting ones yet to come.

Best 360-degree cameras available now

Already tried and true, these are the cameras that enthusiasts and regular folks like us can pick up. While some run a bit high in terms of cost, most are still under a $1000 or figure in around that mark.

Ricoh Theta S

Ricoh has been on a roll with 360-degree cameras. The flagship Theta S model lets you shoot in 1080p HD at 30fps for up to 25 minutes at a time. You can also livestream your videos and even transfer footage to a mobile device without connecting to a PC. Plus, it's a great price for the portable camera.

$349.99, | Amazon

Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

Samsung's back with a new 360 camera for 2017, and it's actually cheaper than last year's model. Gone is the tripod, replaced with a more grippable body, while dual fisheye lenses bump up the 4K shooting resolution to 4096 x 2048. It can also grab up to 15MP 360 images.

Livestreaming is the headline feature here though, letting you beam your real-time videos to Facebook and YouTube, so long as you have a compatible Samsung handset. Speaking of which, you can get one of Samsung's new cams for a reduced price when bought with the Galaxy S8.

$229, | Amazon

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K

The Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K has a splash-proof build and can record UHD content at 30FPS via an ultra wide 235-degree lens. The camera can also survive 2m drops (Kodak notes with a drop cover) and extreme temperatures. You also have the option to pair two PIXPRO SP360 4K cameras together for fully spherical content capture. A mobile app and stitching software come bundled with the camera.

If it's still too pricey for you, the previous model - the Kodak PIXPRO SP360 - is cheaper at $259 if you don't mind sacrificing 4K quality. Instead, the camera delivers 1080p, which still isn't too bad.

$449, | Amazon

LG 360 CAM

The LG 360 CAM is one of the most affordable cameras on the list and it doesn't fall short on specs. It comes equipped with two 13MP, 200-degree wide angle cameras, surpassing several competitors. There's also a 1,200mAh battery and 4GB internal memory, which can be supplemented by a microSD card, and you'll get 2K video and 5.1 surround sound channel recording through three microphones.

Like several other cameras, you'll be able to upload to YouTube360 and Google Street View, or view the content on the LG 360 VR.

$199.99, | Amazon

Nikon KeyMission 360

The KeyMission 360 is the first in a line of action cams from the veteran camera company. The camera has two lenses with f2.0 apertures and 20MP sensors that can record footage in 4K with electronic stabilization.

The device also does all the stitching in-camera, is waterproof to 98 feet, shockproof up to 6.6 feet and can be operated in temperatures as cold as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

$499, | Amazon

360fly 4K

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

Another tough little guy, the 360fly 4K promises water, dust and shock resistance along with 1,504 x 1,504-pixel resolution at 30 frames per second. However, because there's only one lens there's no spherical image.

$499.99, | Amazon

Giroptic iO

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

The iO cam clips onto iOS and Android phones hooking up to your smartphone via Lightning, Micro USB or your USB-c connector. From there it can take 360-degree pics (up to 4K), video (up to 2K) and livestream 360 footage too. You can share via Instagram or stream via services like Facebook Live with the dinky little clip-on cam storing all of your immersive data on your phone or tablet.


Insta360 Camera

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

The Insta360 actually comes in two flavors: The Air is a BB-8 lookalike that works with Android devices via either USB-C or Micro-USB while the more flat (and, frankly, less cute) Nano is built for iPhones via Lightning. Both of them are built to quickly and easily create 360-degree videos to share and stream on the social networks of your choice. The Air has the added benefit of an optional and totally adorable stand that makes it look like a certain Star Wars droid having a fun day on a scooter.

Air: $129, Insta360| Amazon

Nano: $199, Insta360| Amazon


The compact, flat Vuze camera houses eight full-HD cameras with 180 x 120-degree lenses on its edges that records in 4K at 30fps and also offers stereophonic sound. You'll get up to one hour of video on the camera's battery and SD card with one minute of processing per minute of footage at the touch of a button.

The Vuze is also bundled with a companion app, editing software and a VR headset to view your creations. Preorders are shipping now and all new orders will start shipping in July 2017.


Garmin VIRB 360

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

Garmin is entering the 360 game with its new VIRB 360, a high-end action cam capable of capturing 5.7K/30fps video and 15-megapixel stills. It also comes with four built-in mics so you get all-encompassing sound too.

It's as rugged as you'd hope for, waterproof to 30 meters and capable of withstanding high temperatures. You've got GPS and GLONASS - this is Garmin, remember - and the ability to overlay data onto your videos.

$799, | Amazon

Best 360-degree cameras coming soon

These are the next cameras you'll see everyone scrambling to buy in order to create their own 360-degree videos.

Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4K

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

Unlike the last Pixpro SP3604K action camera mentioned earlier, the 4KVR360 can actually shoot with two 20MP lenses on the front and back, meaning you get 360-degree shots without spending money on a second device.

It connects to your mobile device via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (to an optional remote control) and through NFC. You can record up to 128GB of footage on a microSD card where in-camera stitching clocks in at 15fps. Originally set to land in early 2017, the camera has faced some delays and it's unclear when it could release.


GoPro Fusion

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

It's taken GoPro a while, but the company is finally joining the 360 cam game with the Fusion. The Fusion is apparently like "six GoPros fused into one," hence the name. By the way, that's the same amount of GoPros in an Omni rig. It can record 5.2K video with GoPro's OverCapture software. When you go home, you'll also be able to "punch out" HD images and video from your 360 vid.

We don't know too many details other than that. Pricing is a huge question mark. No news on memory or durability or battery either. We don't really know a release date either, just that it's arrive in a limited fashion by the end of the year. If you happen to make killer extreme sports videos, GoPro wants you to apply to take it for a test run this summer.

Price TBC,

ORBI Prime

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

Designed to look like regular sunglasses, the ORBI Prime holds four full HD cameras - two one the front, two on the back - and shoots 360-degree video and images.

One charge cycle will let you capture around 90 minutes of video, and with microSD storage capability running up to 128GB, you should have plenty of space to keep it before exporting. It comes bundled with a video editor that will help you stitch your highlights together and share them on social media.

It's raised just over $300,000 on Indiegogo and is estimated to ship in August 2017.



While the LucidCam isn't actually a 360-degree camera, we called it the "virtual reality camera for the everyman" because of its simplicity. With the press of a single button you can capture video and photos in full HD, and connecting three cams will allow you to shoot in 360-degrees. Initially expected to land in 2016, then delayed until April 2017, then delayed until June 2017, the Lucid Cam is now expected to ship in July 2017.



Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

Born out of Samsung's in-house C-Labs incubator program the FITT360 is a wearable 360-degree recorder that wants to be more subtle than most. FITT360 is a hands-free way of capturing VR-ready footage, and looks like it might not be uncomfortable to wear. The headband-style device aims to make it easier to shoot from all angles and here's hoping this one goes from project to product in the not too distant future.

Price TBC,

High-end 360-degree cameras

If you're still curious about the cameras that require deep pockets, here's the shortlist. These rigs are aimed at the professional filmmakers rather than average consumers, but it's still fun to learn about things you can't have.

Nokia OZO+

Ok, this is only one if you're super serious about 360 video. Easily the most expensive of the bunch, the Nokia OZO+ is also going to give you the best experience.

The spherical camera has eight synchronised global shutter sensors that capture stereoscopic 3D video, accompanied by spacial audio that's captured by eight integrated microphones.

Nokia's already done a lot of big deals with various companies, so even if you're not using it yourself, you'll still be reaping the benefits.


Insta360 Pro

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

The most affordable professional 360 camera you can get, the Insta360 Pro takes a lot of the convenience on the company's smaller 360 cameras and brings them to the professional realm. Not only does it look like BB-8's adorable cousin, it can stitch together 4K 360 images and video, saving you a whole bunch of time. You'll have to stitch things together if you want 6K footage, however.

$3,499, | Amazon

GoPro Omni

The GoPro cameras are pretty much the go-to for 360-degree creators but the company also launched its own rig. That means you get six cameras, Kolor software, smart remote, cables, memory cards and more, or you can buy the $1,500 casing alone if you already have the cameras.


Facebook Surround360

Surround360 was a surprise announcement from the social media company but the news after made it even better. The hardware and software specs for this camera are free for the public to download through GitHub.

The Surround360 consists of 17 cameras, one fish-eye camera pointing up and two pointing down to capture footage that renders online via a specially created software. From there, images will be stitched together in 4K, 6K and 8K for each individual eye.


Google JUMP Halo

Best 360 degree cameras out now and on the way

After originally partnering with GoPro for its Google Jump Odyssey, the Mountain View company partnered with Yi Technology to make its second-generation 360 camera, saving thousands of dollars in the process. The Halo maintains the 16 cameras of the Odyssey but adds an up camera. It also, of course, utilizes Google's Jump assembler to create the best possible stitch for a VR video.


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  • Beinson says:

    Stereoscopic 360 is the only thing worth considering!

    It MUST be in 3d/stereo when wearing VR glasses

    • jdauphinais says:


      I just want to share some frustrations about Bublcam.

      I keep sending emails to bublcam support team asking for a procedure to send back the faulty devices but they don't answer anymore.

      I have bought 2 bublcam, both of them stopped working after a few weeks. I received the new charger but it is not doing anything. It seems a lot of users have the same issue as me.

      Now it is the fifth email I sent asking for the procedure but no one is answering from their team.

      It is a big con, bravo Bubl team, you fooled a lot of people... clap clap...

      Please think twice before buying a bublcam...

      • joaodealmeida says:

        Hey buddy,

        Thanks for the heads up ;)

      • youngoknow says:

        It's too bad.

        Are you want to get camera with 3D effects? you can think about SVPRO 3D Camera.

        There are two lens on the camera,you can record 3d video and enjoy the video with VR headset. 

        • agapower says:

          Great,It can be used for android or IOS phone?

    • Tao says:

      Don't forget sound.  Nothing is better than stereo with sound to fully be 'present' at the site.  Now if only they made these things to take readily available batteries that can be easily swapped out with common batteries available at any retailer to take advantage of the ample memory in sd cards these days. After all, what good is having 3 hours worth of memory but only 25 minutes of shooting time on a proprietary battery?  The market needs to diversify more.  Not everyone plans to clip the camera to their ballcap.  There should be some that are bigger to house larger batteries or at least be able to accept an external one like those made to recharge cellphones ( if they don't do that already as I have not seen this mentioned in the advertising hoopla).

  • jeffduan1 says:

    Insta360 4K& Nano shall not be forgot

  • ndpg says:

    Be careful about simply regurgitating the manufactures' sales material. For example, despite being able to go underwater the KeyMission 360 cannot capture 360 there. If the standard lens protectors are used it will be out of focus. If the underwater ones are used there is a big black band at the stitch line. Also, the electronic stabilization needs to be disabled when capturing 360. This is all in the manual but gets left out of the brochures.

    The biggest complaint you'll see about VR on sites like YouTube is about the video quality. This is because when a 360 camera is described as 4K people expect to see HD in the headset however what they are only seeing a small window into the 4K image which covers the full 360 view. At the moment 4K is the best that commonly used video formats such as H.264 can handle anyway. High end cameras can generate as much as 8K but currently you can't watch it! Anything less than 4K will be disappointing in a headset. 

    • youngoknow says:


      4K era is coming

  • Waynebow says:

    Stereoscopic 360 doesn't really seem possible. It would work looking straight forward or straight backward, but what about the sides? You would need a stereoscopic recording of all possible angles. Not sure how any camera setup could ever achieve this. Even if you have a dozen stereoscopic cameras pointing at different angles, they would completely be in the way of each other. 

    • youngoknow says:

      It's long time to be solved by someones.

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