Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a bargain

What you need to know about getting an Apple smartwatch on the cheap
Apple Watch Black Friday guide

Black Friday deals are already be underway, and those looking for an Apple Watch are in luck. There are plenty of places to scout around and try and save the most money.

But that doesn't mean all deals are created equally, and you'll have to be on your A-game to nab one of the best smartwatches for a healthy price. That's why we've rounded up the best deals for those in the US and the UK, as well as provided direction on which Apple Watch you should opt for, if accessories will also receive a cut and whether Apple itself will be providing savings.

So read on for our guide to picking up an Apple Watch this Black Friday. And for specific deals as and when they happen, make sure to keep checking back nearer to the big day for all the details.

Best US Apple Watch Black Friday deals

With Black Friday's start and end point becoming more inconspicuous by the year, it's not entirely clear who exactly will be offering the best Apple Watch deals within the US. However, a couple of outlets have already jumped the gun and are either letting you know about upcoming offers or straight up selling. Here's the best of what's currently on offer:

Apple Watch Series 2, 42mm, silver - $299, down from $329 - Best Buy

Apple Watch Nike+, 38mm, space gray - $269, down from $299 - Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 2, 42mm, steel - $429, down from $549 - Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm Case – $279 (save $90) - Dicks Sporting Goods

Apple Watch Nike+, 42mm Case – $329 (save $70) - Dicks Sporting Goods

And there's plenty more to come. Target, for example, has announced that it will offer the Apple Watch Series 1 for $179 (a saving of $70 compared to its current pricing) when it begins its sales on 24 November. Macy's, whose sales will begin a day earlier, will also be offering both the 38mm and 42mm Series 1 at a $70 discount.

There's bound to more US-centric deals in and around Black Friday, so just make sure you're not too full from Thanksgiving to fire up your computer and take advantage.

Best UK Apple Watch Black Friday deals

Similar to the situation across the pond, there's also plenty of Apple Watch deals spinning around the web for those in the UK. Here's the best currently available:

Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm, gold - £289, down from £369 - Argos

Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm, steel - £479, down from £549 - Argos

Apple Watch Series 1, 38mm, silver - £249, down from £269, Very

Apple Watch Series 1, 42mm, rose gold - £279, down from £299, Very

A £60 coupon code on the Apple Watch Nike+ edition and Apple Watch Series 3 when bought alongside Apple AirPods - John Lewis

Apple Watch Series 1, 42mm – £279 (save £20) - Currys

Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Sport Band – £479.00 (save £100) - John Lewis

Apple Watch Edition, 42mm White Ceramic Case with Sport Band – £1,199 (save £100) - John Lewis

Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop – £599 (save £100) - John Lewis

Apple Watch Series 2, 38mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Black – £269.00 (save £100) - John Lewis

That's all the deals available so far, but Amazon UK will be vying for your cash from 17-26 November, and we also expect Tesco to roll out its week-long festivities from 20 November, so stay tuned for more.

Which Apple Watch should you look at?

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a smartwatch bargain

This all depends on what you're looking for from your smartwatch. The key difference between the Series 2 and Series 3 is the introduction of LTE in the latter, which allows you to make and take calls from the wrist without your phone being present. If that's the kind of thing you'd take advantage of on a regular basis, it's probably best you steer clear of older generations and see if you can scout about for a Series 3 deal.

As for the differences between Series 1 and Series 2, well, there's a bit more of a gap. The latter was the first in the line to offer GPS, meaning you can go out on runs without being tethered to your phone for location tracking. Unfortunately, those who want the feature will be left disappointed if they opt for the Series 1.

Essential reading: Apple Watch Series 2 v Series 3

There's also the speed progression between generations to consider, since each iteration features newer chips that improve performance around the Watch. It's not the biggest factor when breaking down deals, but certainly worth bearing in mind.

What about Apple Watch accessories?

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a smartwatch bargain

So you already have an Apple Watch or want some fancy new accessories to pair alongside it? Don't forget that it's not just hardware that will hit the sale aisle on Black Friday, with straps, docks and more also likely to be going at a reduced rate.

This isn't as exciting as picking up a new Watch, granted, but it's also worth noting how picking up a new band can make the smartwatch feel fresh — whether that's through Apple's own collection or a third-party offering. And as for docks or charging leads, it's always handy to have a spare in your bag instead of being left with a dead screen. After all, all the Apple Watch generations offer two-day battery life at a push.

If you need a bit of inspiration ahead of picking up anything in this category, then head on over to our round-up of the best Apple Watch accessories.

Will Apple itself offer any deals?

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a smartwatch bargain

In typical Apple style, it tends to veer away from the madness of Black Friday and let retailers bandy about its products willy nilly. However, that doesn't mean Tim Cook and his consigliere over in Cupertino completely shy away from letting you save money.

In recent years, while there's been no notable price reductions to speak of, we have seen gift cards and accessories thrown in with purchases. It's not the most exciting place to go for your deals, but could potentially serve as a place for you to sweeten your purchase if you're already looking to buy from Apple.

And as we can see from the Apple teaser above from last year, the Cupertino giant also tends to announce it will be taking part a few days before, too.

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