Pokémon Go Plus arrives 16 September, for those of you still playing

The wearable lets you play the game without reaching for your smartphone
Pokémon Go Plus arrives 16 September

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable, which lets users interact with the augmented reality game from their wrist, will launch on 16 September, Niantic Labs has announced.

The Plus is designed to look like a Poké Ball, and lets you catch Pokémon in the wild without getting out your smartphone.

The device, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth, will blink and vibrate when you're near a PokéStop, and flash when a monster is close by. It's compatible with both Android and iOS.

The Plus was delayed from its originally-scheduled launch at the end of July, but the timing might be unfortunate for two reasons: the game has lost a lot of players since its initial wind, with 15 million players dropping out between July and August; and Niantic just announced a Pokémon Go Apple Watch app.

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The app, which was announced during the press conference for the Apple Watch Series 2, seems a lot more comprehensive than the wearable, showing info like how far you have to walk to hatch an egg, and how much XP you need to level up.

Which makes us wonder why anyone with an Apple Watch would bother getting a Plus.

But of course lots of people don't own an Apple Watch (especially kids), and at $35 the Plus is a far cheaper way of getting Pokémon Go on your arm.


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