Don't have $5,000 to spare? Just rent a HoloLens instead

Microsoft's loaning the Commercial Suite version to the curious

Despite it still not yet being available in an affordable consumer package, Microsoft's dedication to HoloLens continues unabated. Now it's announcing that it will loan the mixed reality headset to curious users who don't want to part with a lot of cash.

Microsoft will loan the $5,000 Commercial Suite version of the headset through tech rental company Abcomrents. It's expecting interest to come from companies who want to evaluate HoloLens before putting down thousands of dollars for it, but it sounds like anyone can sign up and rent one through the new program.

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Right now it's just North America that has the option to rent HoloLens, and Microsoft hasn't confirmed how much those rental prices will be. But if you're curious enough to try one, this could be your best chance to do so.

As its mixed reality ambitions continue to grow, Microsoft announced it's expanding availability to Singapore and the United Arab Emirates too. It also recently demonstrated how surgeons at Imperial College London are using HoloLens to look inside patients before operating on them.

The team can spot key blood vessels, bones and muscles to make for safer procedures, said Microsoft. HoloeLens also lets the surgeons overlay 3D models of CT scans onto a patient's limbs.

Don't have $5,000 to spare? You can now rent a HoloLens instead


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