Geek out with the Iron Man-style Seer AR helmet on Kickstarter

This augmented reality headset has just hit its Kickstarter target with a week left
Geek out with the Seer AR helmet

Most augmented reality wearables are trying to disappear. Sony has its detachable lens as well as the dorky looking SmartEyeglass. Google looks to be betting on fashion partnerships for the future of Glass.

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Not Seer. Like VR headsets, this crowdfunded AR headset makes no apology for its future geek form. Instead, it's all about Iron Man-style immersion with a 100 degree field of view, something that just isn't possible with the 'smartglasses' form factor.

As with Microsoft's HoloLens, this headset wants to overlay graphics onto the real world without limiting them to one area hovering just above your right eye, like the first edition of Google Glass.

Seer is powered by any smartphone, including iPhones up to 6-inch, and using a series of mirrors, similar to the system used in fighter pilot helmets, it overlays heads-up info onto the plastic visor.

The smartphone factor is one reason it's so cheap - there's still units left at the $99 early bird price on Kickstarter in Arctic White or Jet Black (and red) with shipping set for September. If you've already pledged, you'll be glad to know Caputer Labs have now hit the $100,000 target with the campaign ending on 3 March.

Caputer Labs say the Seer can turn into a VR helmet, albeit 2D rather than 3D, with the bundled light blocking cover too. The team says it offers the equivalent to a 200-inch screen eight feet away.

And it has made a separate display module which can be bought and used together with your Xbox, PlayStation or PC via HDMI for a private gaming display.

Seer is completely open source, in both software and hardware, so you can build AR apps for it or add sensors, wireless cameras, Leap Motion, joysticks or wearable controllers.

Caputer Labs is also working on a few apps of its own including an Iron Man inspired double layer demo app, a ghost hunting game, a Fruit Ninja-style game plus video playing and desktop viewing apps.

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