​BMW's augmented reality glasses traveled in time from 2009

See through walls and look like a complete buffoon

BMW has unveiled a set of augmented reality driving goggles, designed to put a host of connected data into your eyeline.

The MINI Augmented Vision glasses – like a teched up version of a pair of vintage goggles – are designed to put information such as GPS navigation and parking aides in front of your eyes. They're also designed to help you 'see through' the doors and panels of the car, for a better view of hazards and obstacles.

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The glasses are set to be shown off at the Auto Shanghai event on 20 April, and run using Qualcomm technology.

However, it seems that the glasses have a second super feature. While they can offer X-ray vision in the car, it seems they've also travelled in time from 2009, when they originally appeared on YouTube.

The concept glasses appeared six years ago in a promotional video, showing someone getting an augmented reality tutorial when getting under the hood. Even more surprisingly, the augmented graphics don't look terrible, and the specs themselves aren't lightyears behind technology we're seeing today.

So while the current AR specs might just be a marketing stunt for the new MINI, big respect to BMW for creating a better experience than the Sony SmartGlasses way back in 2009.


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