Alpha Glass gives you a dose of AR without looking like a Glasshole

If crowdfunded, they'll be rolling out next year
Alpha smartglasses look svelte

Augmented reality is the next big thing, but AR glasses all look pretty terrible right now. However South Korea-based Alpha Labs has come up with a pair of smartglasses that are much better at concealing their smarts.

The Alpha Glass smartglasses are now up on Kickstarter looking for your money, and should they be funded within the month you can expect to see them landing in people's hands in 2018. However, for now they're being referred to as a 'Developer Kit', so they might not be quite ready for mass consumption.

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Unlike other smartglasses we've seen, the information beamed onto the glass will cover a substantial amount of the lens - not just a tiny corner square - for a more authentic AR-y good time. The glasses run a modified version of Android and there's a touch interface for dealing with notifications, snapping pics etc. There are also bone conduction speakers and a mic, while a camera on the side will let you capture said pictures and video.

You'll get things like notifications and directions right infront of your eyes, and Alpha says it's got its own smart assistant coming. You can also pair fitness gear like heart rate monitors and see your stats in real time on the glasses.

Alpha Glass let you experience AR without looking like a Glasshole

The lenses look pretty svelte although the temples are still quite chunky, so they're not totally inconspicuous. Still, a darn sight better than most others out there. "Our patented optical technology took three years to develop and is currently the smallest wide field of view AR vision system available," said Alpha Labs CEO Jun-hee Lee.

Alpha says it will be sending out the first units to early bird backers in February 2018 for $649, while they'll be $720 at retail.

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  • Extraneus says:

    Still a far cry from Laforge's Shima glasses... 

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