Who hates the Apples? The highest profile Apple Watch critics so far

Apple Watch haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

We know who loves the Apple Watch, the celebrities on Team Cupertino are not shy about making their allegiances known. On Instagram. On talk shows. On Twitter.

But who was not so enamoured with Apple's first smartwatch? It's not perfect, that's why we didn't give it five stars in our review. And there has been no shortage of hate directed at the Apple Watch - tweets, spoofs, even raps.

We could analyse how the Apple Watch came to represent the entire wearable tech industry's hopes and fears in 2015. Or muse about the cultural reactions to wearing a device made by the one tech brand that commands uber loyalty around the world.

Or we could just show you the mean things people have said about the Apple Watch this year.

Elon Musk

Even Jony Ive must have had a wobble when he heard Elon Musk's concerns about the first gen Apple Watch back in October. For this is the man who has tech's equivalent to the almanac in Back to the Future. Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop: he knows what's coming. Fortunately for Apple, Musk has beef with its first effort not the concept of a smartwatch as a whole. Still, he's right - Apple has work to do.

Conan O'Brien

The late night host got a lot of mileage out of the Apple Watch launch this year with skits including Andy Richter coming on as a guest, bragging about his early access sample and how 'easy' it is to tell the time on the device.

The tagline on YouTube reads: "Andy is on the cutting edge of technology, the stupid, stupid, cutting edge of technology." Miaow. Conan's ripped into the iPhone before too so Team Coco is probably just picking whatever nice, big, easy target it can find.

College Humor

This College Humor vid hates on the gold Apple Watch Edition specifically.

It nails the fact that the only real reason you'd want to buy one of these is to prove to the world you earn not just a lot of money but F**k You Money.

Swatch's CEO

Swatch Touch Zero One slams in

Nick Hayek, Swatch's CEO, dubbed the Apple Watch an "interesting toy" back in August. Buuurn. You'd think with fighting talk like that, Swatch would have something real interesting in the wings - the Swatch Bellamy NFC payments watch could do well, espcially now Visa is on board for the US launch.

But umm, let's not forget there's also the beach volleyball focused Touch Zero One which landed in February, Nick. Beach volleyball, that's what the Apple Watch is missing.

Bugzy Malone

Helping Bugzy Malone

The UK rapper's cry for help over problems with his Apple Watch arrived in August. Luckily senior editor James Stables was on hand as tech support.

I just got an iPhone 6 and an iPhone Watch
But there's no point in using it
Because I get notifications non-stop
And I get and inbox every two minutes

In late 2014, Pusha T's (Kanye produced) hip hop track Lunch Money showed some hate for the Apple Watch, saying shopping for Rolexes is more exciting.

Ludacris, meanwhile, loves his diamond encrusted Apple Watch and Drake was one of the first celebs to sport his smartwatch at Coachella.

This Apple Watch hating troll

Who in their goddamn mind? Just watch the video* for this one.

*Contains lots of swearing and a man having a nasty coughing attack because he hates a smartwatch that much.

Who have we missed? Who are the funniest/most right on critics of the Apple Watch so far? Are YOU an Apple Watch hater? Let us know in the comments.

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