Week in wearable: Apple Watch crashes, Magic Leap's plans and Garmin Instinct

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Welcome to your latest instalment of Week in Wearable, as we look back at what's been happening in the world of wearable tech.

Down below we're going to get into all things Apple, Magic Leap and Garmin. Before that though, we need to talk about some of the other stories that made the headlines this week. Like evidence that a Withings Go 2 is coming, or the news that Strava plays nice with gym workouts and oh, jeez, there's a Rick and Morty smartwatch on the way.

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If you only care about the big stories, we'll dive into those below, plus we give some love to those smaller stories that didn't make the cut on the site this week. We've also selected the best reads from across the site to sample after your news fix.

If you want to check in on all of the news, head over to our latest wearable news section.

Watch Series 4 has a time problem

week in wearable: Apple Watch crashes, Magic Leap's plans

This might sound like a familiar story for anyone that's been a long term iPhone user, but this week the Watch Series 4 was added to the list of Apple devices to be hit by a Daylight Saving bug.

When the clocks went forward in Australia, Watch owners found their new smartwatch was endlessly rebooting. The issue appears to tied to the Infograph Activity complication and Apple says it's already working on a fix. Hopefully that'll be in time for when DST hits Europe at the end of October and the US in early November.

In other Apple Watch-related news, we've been putting the smartwatch on toilet roll (stay with us), to find out if it can produce a heart rate reading. This is after a host of people were posting pics of wearables with heart rate monitors, including the Apple Watch, strapped onto inanimate objects that still gave out readings. We explain all in our big HR toilet roll test, where we find out just what the hell is going on.


Magic Leap outlines plans for 2019

week in wearable: Apple Watch crashes, Magic Leap's plans

This week the secretive mixed reality startup, which finally launched its first piece of hardware this year, held its first developer conference.

CEO Rony Abovitz kicked off LeapCon proceedings by delving into what the company has in store for 2019. In its roadmap for next year, it outlines improving the Magic Leap One experience by introducing support for two controllers and an iris detection login.

Large scale mapping is also mentioned, along with a spectator view. It shouldall help shape the launch of the consumer edition of its headset, which we'll hopefully see next year, and no doubt there are plenty of people out there eager to get their hands on it when it arrives.

Garmin unveils new Instinct watch

week in wearable: Apple Watch crashes, Magic Leap's plans

The Garmin sports watches just keep on coming in 2018 and next up is a new line. Say hello to the Garmin Instinct.

This rugged GPS watch looks like a more affordable alternative to the Fenix 5 Plus that's built to be battered and bruised in the great outdoors. The features list includes multi-satellite network support and a heart rate monitor, plus you can receive notifications from your phone.

Its big play is on navigation though, letting you follow GPX routes and use Garmin's TrackBack feature to get you back to your start point. It even has Storm Alerts to let you know when to look for shelter.

You do miss out on smarts like Garmin Pay and music storage, but it's clear the Instinct is less about letting you buy lunch from your wrist and more about going the distance when you're braving the elements.

If you like all things Garmin, we've also been getting to know Garmin Coach, the company's new adaptive training plans for runners.

And finally…

If you're a Wareable regular then you'll know all about And Finally, the place we store all of the other stories that didn't quite make the cut on the site this week. But don't fret, we're giving those stories some love here instead. So let's get into it.

LG wants to make smart contact lenses

The Korean tech giant is set to join Google in a bid to take smart contact lenses mainstream. While there are no specifics on how the lenses will work or what data they will look to collect, it appears that the Life Science Division of LG Electronics and LG Innotek have the technologies required to make LG smart contact lenses a reality.

Goqii Stride tracks activity from the feet

Indian startup Goqii has launched the Stride as a wearable that you strap onto your footwear to track your steps. The Stride comes in four different colours, is waterproof and has a battery life of 180 days. Like Goqii's other wearables, it's accompanied by a coaching subscription service with the first three months offered for free.

HabitAware wants to help you break bad habits

Imagine if there was a wearable that could help you stop you pulling your hair or biting your nails? US startup HabitAware believes it can do that with its Keen smart bracelet. The wearable uses motion detection tech to recognise when a person is starting to fall into those bad behaviour pattens. It then sends a vibration to encourage the user to stop. The bracelet is available to buy now for $149 if you fancy seeing it can help you ditch those bad habits.

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