D-Link Omna is the first Apple HomeKit-friendly security camera you can buy

Available to buy online now, in stores later this month
First HomeKit security cam now available
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The first HomeKit-compatible security camera is now available to buy directly from Apple, giving Nest another thing to worry about.

The Omna 180 HD is made by D-Link and packs - as you might guess - a 180-degree wide-angle lens, as well as night vision abilities up to 16 feet. It can also store video and images, all shot at 1920 x 1080, to a microSD (not included).

But the main takeaway is the HomeKit compatibility, so you'll be able to monitor your home from an iOS device. Whenever unexpected motion is detected, you'll get a notification and feed straight to your iPhone or iPad lock screen. Handy.

The Omna costs $199.95 and Apple told us it will be selling the camera in its physical retail stores later this month. For now, you can buy it from its online store.

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Apple and D-Link say it's the first HomeKit camera, and that's true in so much as it's the first you can get your hands on, but at CES Withings also announced its own HomeKit security cam, the Withings Home Plus. Withings promises this will be available in Q1, but as it's yet to ship, D-Link beats it to the punch.

Apple recently pulled all Withings products from its store following a patent dispute with parent company Nokia, which probably doesn't make Withings feel any better about the launch of Omna.

D-Link is the first HomeKit-friendly security camera you can buy

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