HSBC finally joins Apple Pay

Apple brings HSBC in from the cold

HSBC has finally joined the Apple Pay party after the service launched without the bank earlier this month.

It means HSBC customers – and those of its subsidiary First Direct – will be able to add their cards to pay for items via their Apple Watch and/or iPhone.

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HSBC was an Apple Pay partner until it pulled support at the 11th hour, coincidentally after the company accidentally leaked the launch date of the wearable payment service over Twitter.

Now that the wait for HSBC customers is over, it's just Barclays and Lloyds of the major UK bands that are yet to jump on-board. Lloyds is coming this autumn and Barclays – which has its own bPay contactless product – is yet to set a date.

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Apple Pay can be used in most stores that support contactless payments.

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