Google, Amazon and eBay pull support for Apple Watch apps

The moves went unnoticed for weeks
Google and Amazon pull Apple Watch apps

Your collection of Apple Watch apps has been getting smaller, with support for Google Maps, Amazon and eBay all disappearing over the last few weeks.

That's according to a report from AppleInsider, who first noticed that smartwatch apps from the major companies have vanished from the Apple Watch app store without warning.

It appears Google was the first to scrap software for the device several weeks back, with both Amazon and eBay following suit over the past few days. There are also other apps, such as TripAdvisor, which are believed to have ditched their efforts.

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Of course, the big question here is just why this has happened. Amazon told us in a statement: "There are a number of reasons we don't think this is the right solution for our customers at this time. We are always trying new things and look forward to experimenting with wearable solutions in the future."

Meanwhile Engadget received word from Google that it expects to continue support "in the future", so there's more hope there that we'll see the app return.

However, the fact this went unnoticed for some time perhaps indicates the level of use these apps generated. Google Maps is a handy tool, but it's not often you get the urge to shop from your wrist through the likes of Amazon or eBay.

As Google has hinted, this move could act as a hiatus to improve the use of the apps before reloading later in the future, perhaps in time for the Apple Watch Series 3. WWDC is coming up on 6 June and we'll no doubt see watchOS 4 announced there too.

This does also potentially speak to a wider issue with smartwatch apps, too. This could act as one of the first instances where we see a move away from superfluous apps and a genuine push towards time-saving and useful standalone options. Whatever the reason, it would appear unlikely this is the last we hear of major software being pulled.

Via: AppleInsider and Engadget

Google, Amazon and eBay pull Apple Watch apps from store

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