Apple sued over iWatch trademark

The real owners of the iWatch trademark are looking for a $97m payday

An Irish company is taking Apple to court over the 'iWatch' trademark despite the Cupertino company not choosing the name for its inaugural smartwatch.

Probendi, a software development studio, is suing Apple for its use of 'iWatch' as a Google AdWords term, which directs users to Apple's store page. Probendi owns the 'iWatch' trademark in Europe, and it's not best pleased at the tech giant moving in on its territory.

Copyright dispute specialist Barzano & Zanardo valued the 'iWatch' trademark at a whopping $97 million. A hearing for the case is scheduled for 11 November.

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A tribunal filing obtained by Bloomberg said: "Apple has systematically used iWatch wording on Google search engine in order to direct customers to its own website, advertising Apple Watch."

Giacomo Bonelli, Probendi's lawyer, told the media that Apple hasn't acknowledged the software company's complaints.

"Apple never replied to our requests and objections, while Google said they are not responsible for links," he said.

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Probendi announced last year that it was in talks to make an Android smartwatch called 'iWatch', which would be priced under the Apple watch. However, the company now says those plans are on standby.

Both Google and Apple have declined to comment.

Probendi snapped up the 'iWatch' trademark since summer 2008, roughly a year after Apple brought out the first iPhone. If it wins damages from Apple, that could end up being a savvy piece of business.

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