Apple confirms WWDC dates for June - and drops a big mixed-reality headset hint

The annual conference is expected the be when Apple debuts the new platform
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Apple has confirmed that its annual Worldwide Developers Conference will take place on 5-9 June - and appears to hint that the event will center around its mixed-reality headset platform.

As ever, nothing out of the ordinary has been specifically outlined in the company's release announcing the dates for the event, but the teaser image does look suspiciously related to a headset, lenses, or field of view. 

That's one theory, at least, with plenty of mock-ups and interpretations circulating on Twitter and Reddit following the announcement. 

However, it's also just as likely it's a spin on Apple Park, with the twin image below also currently showing on the WWDC landing page. 

Appleapple wwdc teaser image

Whatever the headline image relates to, industry insiders are aligned on the fact that this will be when Apple debuts the headset, which is currently favored to be named 'Apple Reality Pro'.

It's expected to be given a price tag of around $3,000 and launch before the end of the year, with the WWDC announcement effectively whetting the industry's appetite.

Not just about the headset

As referenced in the official release, it won't be the only wearable platform Apple will be talking up during the four-day conference, with watchOS 10 also hinted at.

Again, there's nothing specific mentioned other than the fact it will be on the agenda, as it has been annually since the Apple Watch's announcement back in 2015. 

But with the Apple Watch Ultra now in the lineup, we're expecting a bit of a bumper year for the company's smartwatch software platform. 

We've rounded up our full wishlist for watchOS 10 - including hope for recovery insights, third-party watch faces, and proper native mapping for the Ultra. 

We won't know anything for sure until June, however, so stay tuned for whispers and rumors between now and then.

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