​Apple Watch lugs for third party straps now on sale

We will soon see Apple certified third party bands hitting the shelves

Apple has started selling official lugs for third party companies to start creating their own Apple Watch straps.

The lugs are being sold through one of Apple's distributors and are available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes, and come in stainless steel. You can pick up orders in bulk with sets of 25 or 200 lugs, and the tools required to fit the straps, too.

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Each of the lugs is laser etched with 'Made For Apple Watch' and their use will need to comply with Apple's strict guidelines.

Of course, there are already plenty of non-official bands on sale, which use lugs designed without Apple's specs to fit with the Watch's locking mechanism.

This means we're likely to see an explosion of straps hit the shelves in the near future and now it's easier for traditional strap makers to get involved without having to design their own lugs, we should see even better quality options.

However, with bulk lugs set to cost around $10 a piece, without the costs of straps, labour and distribution, official Made for Apple Watch third party straps may not match their unofficial rivals in terms of price.

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