Apple Watch Cyber Monday 2018 deals: Your guide to picking up a bargain

What you need to know about getting an Apple smartwatch on the cheap
Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals guide

There's still time to bag yourself a deal on an Apple Watch this Black Friday weekend.

Luckily, Black Friday itself is now really stretched out for thhe few days after, meaning there's plenty of chances to scour the best deals and take your pick of Apple's smartwatches – whether that's the brand new Series 4 or older Series 3 and Series 2.

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Below, we'll be guiding you through everything you need to know if you're looking to buy an Apple Watch this Black Friday weekend. Some deals, as we've outlined below, have already leaked, giving us a heads up of what deals to expect. Amazon has already launched its Early Black Friday deals too. Check back as we update this page with all the live deals available online in both the US and UK.

Got any questions about the Apple Watch and buying on this Black Friday? Let us know in the comments section below.

Best Apple Watch deals – US

Apple Watch Series 3, 42mm, GPS - $259 (save $50) -Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 3, 42mm, GPS and cellular - $359.99 (save $50) - Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular 42mm (Space Grey) - $329 save $80 –Amazon

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular 38mm (Space Grey or Stainless Steel) –$299 save $80 - Amazon

Which Apple Watch models will get Black Friday savings?

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a bargain

The crystal ball sitting in Wareable HQ has been unresponsive, unfortunately, but we can still take some educated guesses about what Apple deals will be available this Black Friday – and look to what deals have already leaked.

Naturally, the recently announced Apple Watch Series 4 isn't likely to see any kind of price cut, but older models will almost certainly be available at a cheaper rate. Last year, the Series 1 and Series 2 were both offered with big price reductions, with some retailers even offering the discounts on the then-new Series 3 when bought with another Apple gadget, such as the AirPods.

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We're expecting something similar this time around, and the Series 3 looks set to be the one primed for a discount, seeing as it's the only other smartwatch Apple is officially producing. We expect many retailers will still have stock of older models and different editions (such as the Nike+) too, so don't worry if your interest lies there.

Also, let's just quickly point out where you're likely to get these deals from. As we mentioned up top, we'll be updating this guide with the biggest and best deals from the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Macy's, Currys and Argos, but Apple itself is very unlikely to get involved in the Black Friday action. Last year, it was silent, and the year before it only offered a small discount on the Watch when bought with a Mac or iPhone.

Should you buy a cheap Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a smartwatch bargain

It's an important question to consider: why should you plump for a cheap Series 3 over the Series 4? Well, the Series 3 is still a fantastic smartwatch, and has some of the best on-paper features.

If you're not hung up the electrical heart sensor or the new, refined design, you're still getting an LTE-ready, GPS smartwatch with all the best that watchOS 5 has to offer. For most, the older generation makes more sense, but for a more in-depth look at how the different models compare, read on below.

Which Apple Watch is best for you?

Apple Watch Black Friday deals: Your guide to picking up a bargain

This all depends on what you're looking for from your smartwatch. While the key difference between the Series 2 and Series 3 is LTE in the latter, allowing you to make and take calls from the wrist without your phone being present, the big step between the Series 4 and Series 3 is that new design we just mentioned.

As seen in the image above, there's an all-new display, as well as an electrical heart rate sensor, which allows the smartwatch to take an ECG reading (feature coming soon in the US). If that's the kind of thing you think is worth the extra cash, it's probably best you steer clear of older generations and see if you can scout about for a Series 4 deal.

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As for the differences between Series 1 and Series 2, well, there's a bit more of a gap. The latter was the first in the line to offer GPS, meaning you can go out on runs without being tethered to your phone for location tracking. Unfortunately, those who want the feature will be left disappointed if they opt for the Series 1.

There's also the speed progression between each generations to consider, since each iteration features newer chips that improve performance around the Watch. It's not the biggest factor when breaking down deals, but it's certainly worth bearing in mind.

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