Apple's latest wearable tech idea: a t-shirt

But the tech could also play into the Apple Watch
Apple invented a t-shirt with a display

It's time for another instalment of 'Apple's Been Patenting Some More Stuff', this week featuring, strangely enough, a t-shirt.

Among some of the latest ideas published by the US Patent and Trademark Office is a "wearable display having an array of LEDs on comfortable silicon substrate".

While that description is a little vague, the illustrations clearly show a shirt with a flexible display on the front. But this is just one example of endless applications for such technology, and a bracelet is also shown in the drawings. Could there be a tie-in with the Apple Watch here?

We reckon it's very possible, as we've already seen some ideas from Cupertino to put displays in the Watch band.

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As Patently Apple points out, the patent first appeared back in June, but went by mostly unnoticed. It also attributes the invention to engineers of LuxVue, the LED company Apple acquired in 2014.

It won't just stop at wearables, but that seems to be an obvious fit for this tech, and an area Apple is clearly interested in. We're taking a guess here, but it's also possible this could have something to do with the rumoured Apple fitness tracker we reported on earlier in the year.

The device is believed to be an accompany wearable to the Watch - not a replacement - that would be focused solely on health.

Source: Patently Apple

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