Apple's Siri has lost millions of users over the past year

Meanwhile, Amazon’s Alexa surges up the charts
Apple's Siri has lost millions of users

Despite remaining the world's most popular smart assistant, new data suggests that Apple's Siri has lost millions of users over the past year.

Figures released by Verto Analytics note that between the period of May 2016 and May 2017, Siri lost 7.3 million monthly users — down to 41.4 million from the previous year's 48.7 million. And it's not just seeing people turn away in droves, with less engagement with those who do use the services of the assistant also cited by the analytics company.

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Meanwhile, Alexa, through the likes of the Amazon Echo, continues to surge in popularity, with the assistant growing from 800,000 US users in May 2016 to 2.6 million year later. According to Verto, those using Alexa are also interacting more consistently with the platform than a year ago.

With Siri building up a user base over several years through the iPhone, and later via the Mac and the iPad, it's no surprise to see Siri still lead the way when it comes to the field of smart assistants. However, with smart speakers growing in popularity, and Amazon jumping into the space early, its own growth is expected.

In fact, the emergence of Alexa, and also the later competition provided by Google Home, could prove to be a reason why Siri's users have depleted over the past year; it's likely that people find the proposition of speaking to an assistant in their own home more preferable than chatting to Siri when on the go.

However, the elephant in the room here, of course, is Siri's impending smart home debut through the Apple HomePod. While user engagement and total users took a dip this time around, it would be a surprise if the numbers didn't soar over 50 million by May 2018 with the help of the upcoming venture into the home.

Siri has lost millions of users of the past year

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