Apple may have Siri-powered Amazon Echo rival in the works

We'll have to wait until June's WWDC to find out
Is Apple planning an Amazon Echo rival?
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Google has laid its digital assistant cards on the table with the reveal of Google Home and now it looks like Apple has something up its sleeve that will bring in yet another Amazon Echo competitor.

According to The Information, Apple is developing a smart speaker with Siri at the helm. The report claims Cupertino has been hard at work designing the device - even before the Echo launched last year. Similar to how the other two smart speakers work, the Siri powered one will feature web connectivity and of course, take the form of a speaker.

But before the hardware happens, Apple reportedly wants to open up the Siri software for developers. This would mean third party apps could be used through Siri - much like how Alexa can order you an Uber.

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Siri has some interactions with a few third party apps like Yelp and and Yahoo but those required special access granted through Apple. With the SDK, apps can be made without jumping through hoops.

Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developer's Conference) is coming up in June and it seems like that's when the announcement will be made.

If Apple does make a smart speaker, it'll be a tough sell if it isn't open and able to perform complex tasks. Amazon's Echo is well on its way there but Google Home has the power of Google's search engine and is capable of linking your questions together in a conversational manner - and though it hasn't discussed opening the SDK for Home, we're sure it will.

Apple's got a lot of work to do if it wants to impress us with Siri.

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