​Misfit Minute app for Apple Watch shows it has life beyond fitness trackers

Fitness tracking company hedges its bets with Apple
Misfit brings coaching to the Apple Watch

Misfit has been one of the pioneers of wearables and fitness trackers, with its Shine, Flash and Swarovski bands, but that hasn't stopped the company heading for the Apple Watch, with its new app Misfit Minute.

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Essentially the 7 Minute Workout app reimagined, you select the length of the workout you want to try (up to a maximum of seven minutes), and turns the Apple Watch into your drill sergeant, guiding you through a series of exercises.

The app is an extension of the Misfit app for iOS, and not the first time that Misfit has hedged its bets by playing nicely with smartwatch manufacturers.

It has activity tracking apps for Pebble, and the company is clearly gearing up for a time when smartwatches replace dedicated fitness trackers, which many analysts expect to happen through 2016.

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