And finally: Apple Watch 2 to get launch event in March 2016 and ship in April

The week’s wearable tech news blips and murmurs in one place
Apple Watch 2 to launch March 2016

You've read the hard wearable tech news, now take some time out to inhale some light, fanciful rumours because we've got some super sweet ones this week.

Here's all the web rumblings, whispers and rumours on wearable tech, VR and the connected self from the past seven days.

Apple Watch 2 event set for March 2016

Apple Watch 2 uncovered

According to the well informed 9to5mac, the Apple Watch 2 launch event is set for March 2016 with the next-gen smartwatch due to go on sale in April 2016.

Its secret sources say that a 4-inch iPhone 6c could also join Cupertino's second smartwatch at the event. At last year's Apple event in March, it finalised its plans for the Watch so this looks a pretty credible rumour.

As for what we will see, check out our detailed Apple Watch 2 investigation where we round up all the web rumours and ask experts what specs, features and design changes they are predicting.

The next Microsoft Band will be waterproof

Microsoft Band 2

Those are the whispers from WinSuper which unearthed a 2014 patent around making the first gen Band waterproof. The latest iteration has a few things that would make this difficult, such as pin-sized holes for the mic and barometer.

But WinSuper's sources say Microsoft is working on making the third gen Band waterproof as it's a big customer request from swimmers. Here's our Microsoft Band 2 review if you're still interested.

Wear gets authenticator support

Android Wear super guide

Authenticator for Android has just got support for Android Wear which means you can generate six digit codes from your smartwatch for two factor authentication. That gives you an extra layer of security for your Google account over just one password. Whoop, whoop.

And now to pee-powered smart socks

Need some emergency power? Pee into your socks. That's what the University of the West of England in Bristol wants you to do. To send an alert or message, the wearer's urine is forced to circulate through tubes to towards microbial fuel cells containing bacteria which turns nutrients into electricity.

The team think the system could be used in military, space and even ski settings. We live in strange times.

*Image is Sensoria smart socks, not the pee-powered ones


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  • xToddrick says:

    Please stop showing the round Apple Watch image.  Apple was smart enough to make it rectangular and they should be praised for that.

    • j.stables says:

      It's currently easiest way of visually representing the Apple Watch 2, I'm afraid.

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