Watch Android Wear control a Tesla Model S – Bond style

Tech it like Bond

If you happen to own a Tesla Model S and an Android Wear smartwatch, we're pleased to inform you that you've just won at tech.

Thanks to a new app for the Android Wear app store, users of Google's smartwatch OS can control basic functions of the all-electric roadster such as opening windows, closing the sun roof, sounding the horn and unlocking the car.

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Now, before the cries of witchcraft or dark arts all of the functionality comes from the exiting Tesla mobile app, but it shows how easily existing features can be ported to wearables such as the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live.

You can check out a full demonstration below, by Bnotion’s VP of mobile, Matthew Patience, who has his own surname tattooed onto his forearm. Just sayin’.


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