Tag Heuer will launch its next smartwatch in March 2020

It seems we have a date, but not a lot else on Tag's next Connected watch
Tag Heuer to launch new smartwatch in 2020
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Tag Heuer will launch its next Connected smartwatch in March 2020 according to a former employee of the Swiss watchmaking giant.

That revealing information about Tag's future plans was shared in Business Insider's look into Google's smartwatch strategy, which also revealed that Google had cancelled plans to launch a Pixel watch in 2016.

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The former employee spoke about the watchmaker's struggles to convince consumers to pay big bucks for a luxury smartwatch with Tag having shipped 15,000 of its first watch and 50,000 of the second generation Connected watch.

They added that the launch of that new smartwatch in 2020 was for Tag's image and to convince the industry that it had not failed to enter the digital market. Aside from when we'll see it, there was no discussion of features we can expect to see. We'd imagine Google's Wear OS will still be running the software show.

Tag Heuer will launch its next smartwatch in March 2020

Tag Heuer launched a Golf Edition smartwatch earlier this year

Tag Heuer launched its first Connected smartwatch in 2015, which was followed by the Connected Modular 45 in 2017. In 2018, Tag launched the Connected Modular 41, which took the features of the 45 and put them inside of a smaller body.

At Baselworld earlier this year, we also got a Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition, that brought some intriguing golf watch features to its luxury Wear watch.


Next year's Baselworld will be taking place at the end of April, which is later than previous years. A March launch for a new Connected smartwatch would mean Tag have it to display at the show it continues to be part of, despite some major watch brands deciding not to participate in recent years. That is if this information provided does prove reliable.

Hopefully, come March 2020 we will have more reason to be excited about Wear OS and the prospect of seeing it inside of a new Tag Heuer smartwatch.