Start the car...with your Android Wear smartwatch

Hyundai Blue Link app now offers wrist-based car controls
Start the car with your Android Wear watch

Hyundai has updated its Blue Link app to include support for Android Wear, meaning smartwatch wearers can start their car from their wrists.

Android Wearers, who have a Hyundai Blue Link enabled car, can also lock and unlock their vehicle and activate the lights. You can even sound the horn remotely - which sounds like a YouTube prank video in the making.

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If you've lost your car in a car park, you can locate it using your smartwatch's navigation functions and, using a paired Android smartphone, you can also activate phone calls.

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Of course, you can do all of these things and more using your smartphone but, for the essential functions such as remote engine ignition and locking, a smartwatch is the ideal device.

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"Blue Link subscribers and gadget lovers will appreciate a more convenient way to interact with their Hyundai vehicles," said Frank Ferrara, executive vice president at Hyundai Motor America.

"Now you can remote start your car with your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, desktop or tablet. It is like being James Bond 007 or Scotty in Star Trek."

With LG teaming up with Audi for the Urbane LTE and BMW's awesome self-parking smartwatch app - it appears the humble car key's days are numbered. Probably.

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