No plans for Casio WSD-F10 smartwatch launch outside US or Japan

Disappointing availability for Casio's Android Wear superwatch

The Casio WSD-F10 Outdoor Smartwatch will only be heading to the US and Japan market.

The sensor-laden Android Wear sports watch hit the shelves back in March, but eager shoppers in Europe and Asia may need to reconsider their purchase, with Casio confirming that it had no plans for a wider release.

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"At the moment there are only plans for the WSD-F10 to be stocked in the US and Japan, with no confirmed date for UK release," a Casio spokesperson told Wareable.

The Casio is the first specialist watch to use Google's Android Wear operating system, and was first revealed at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Using military grade waterproof and dust-proofing, and a host of atmospheric sensors, it's designed for people who spend their life out on the hills.

However, it's got tough competition. Nixon's The Mission smartwatch, revealed at Baselworld 2016, features much the same, double the waterproofing prowess, and using GPS which the Casio lacks.

If it can get its device out into more markets than Casio as well, it could find itself with an easy market share when it's released near the end of the year.

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  • j.stables·

    Interesting. The word came to us from an internal Casio source this AM. June is only 8 weeks away, so seems strange that they'd not mention it!

    • walkingtall77·

      where is the review of the casio wsd-f10?

      • j.stables·

        We're working on getting hold of one ASAP.

  • marksou·

    Casio UK told me they don't expect to release it until 2017.

  • ErikNL·

    It would be a missing change if Casio Will not provide availability of this watch in The Neteherlands. I can't hardly wait to buy it!  Many other Dutch watchfans are also looking forward for this nice watch. 

    Of course i can order this watch in The US, but i'm afraid Shippingcosts and Dutch importtaxes will make It very expensive.