​Motorola adds new Moto 360 features on top of Android update

Moto 360 Sport apps comes to sister smartwatch
​Moto 360 update brings new gestures

Hot on the heels of the new Android Wear update, Motorola has added a bunch of new features for the Moto 360 2nd generation.

The 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for Android Wear landed on Google-powered smartwatches last week (check out the video in partnership with Btekt below), but now Motorola has tacked on its own additions, to amp up its flagship smartwatch.

In addition to the new gestures and improved battery life, which include flicking through screens and shaking away notifications with your wrist, Motorola has added a new version of Moto Body, its fitness app. You can use Moto Body – previously the preserve of the Moto 360 Sport – to track runs on your smartwatch, and then hook the data up to existing platforms such as Strava, Under Armour Record and Fitbit.

Elsewhere you'll find new app permissions (yawn), six new languages and also big improvements, including one that affected pairing with Bluetooth headsets.

We're going to be spending time with the new additions and updating our Android Wear reviews and guides shortly. If you've already got hold of the updates, why not let us know how you're finding them in the comments below.


  • yogibimbi says:

    call me back when they designed a new feature that does away with the flat tire. And adds waterproofness. And GPS. On second thought, just call me back when Casio adds GPS...

    • j.stables says:

      Good comment.

    • pawces says:

      the smartwatch 3 ticks all of those, with the minor caveat of not being round.

    • Doctorjango says:

      Don't know if you have ever tried the moto 360 for any real length of time, but I've had mine for nearly a year and that flat tire quickly became unnoticeable, it's never bothered me. It should definitely not be the deciding factor when choosing whether to get this device or not.

    • Fawad says:

      Tyre is barely noticeable. Moto 360 is waterproof. You dont need gps to suck extra battery life out of a watch. It communicates with the phone for all its gps needs using a low power bluetooth connection. You sir have never used the Moto 360. Hence the ignorant comments.  

  • Comboqueerjet says:


    how does it track running before sending datas to Strava ? cauz there is no gps, so how?

  • Mariahidalgo says:

    Ok so my watch updated and now it's not tracking my steps properly plz fix the issue if not I will be returning my watch for an apple. I'm very disappointed

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