Moto 360 could get a bling makeover

The curious case of the gold watch in the promo pic

So far, the Moto 360 has only appeared in black and stainless steel – safe, stylish but slightly boring options. For those looking for a round-faced smartwatch with a little more pizazz, you may be in luck. An eagle-eyed Redditor spotted a Motorola promo picture for its range of watch faces that included a gold-rimmed version of the familiar device.

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After Motorola were contacted by Android Police, it swiftly took down the image, shuffled the watches around, and reposted with four watches, missing out the gold mystery guest. Maybe its not keen to unveil any updates to their popular device so close to Apple's watch announcement, but this certainly smells of new colours and options in the works.

It would make sense, considering how popular the device is, to expand the range with a gold version - particularly lucrative too, considering Apple's 18-karat gold version is rumoured to sell for somewhere near the $5,000 mark. If you're not a fan of the bling or the price tag that may go with it, hopefully this is just a taste of new colours and styles to come.

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Whether a complete red herring – unlikely – or a PR slip, history has proven that most leaks usually come true, and it would be a smart move to get an edge on the market with not only a round face but a range of colours too. Fingers crossed we'll see something official from the Moto camp soon – watch this space...

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