Moto 360 adverts mimic traditional watch brands...with hilarious twists

Motoroloa mocks the old watch guide in these great new commercials
Moto 360 ads mock old guard

It's not often we'll run a story simply embedding a manufacturer's products commercials – but that's exactly what we're doing here as these new Moto 360 ads simply need sharing.

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Taking on an established guard featuring the likes of the Tag, Omega, Citizen and Seiko for wrist space, Motorola has decided to go toe-to-toe in the advertising stakes, by paying homage to the traditional designer watch ad genre...albeit with a touch more humour.

We won't say anymore as we don't want to ruin the surprise...

The Moto 360 went on sale in October. In the UK it costs £199.99. Had it not been for the LG G Watch R coming along and stealing its thunder, the Moto 360 would still undoubtably be the best looking smartwatch on the market.

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