Com 1: The $125 Android Wear smartwatch that's too good to be true?

Legal problems with Google sees Indiegogo campaign pulled

The Com 1 Android Wear smartwatch hit crowdfunding site Indiegogo earlier this month, with the team behind it claiming that if it hit its $75,000 target then the $125 device would ship in early 2015.

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However, the Indiegogo campaign has now disappeared with a dispute with Google over copyright the reason the page has been pulled. The company received an email from Indiegogo on 23 September telling them Google had stated the company has no licence to its intellectual property. An update on the Com 1 Facebook page claims they are still waiting to hear back following their replies to that email.

Wareable is following the situation closely as we invested in the project out of curiosity; we thought a $125 Android Wear smartwatch might prove too good to be true.

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Since backing the campaign we've received a number of updates on the proposed Com 1 from its makers:

"The Com 1 having only a 240 x 240 display just wouldn't cut it for us. We've decided to upgrade the display to a 320 x 320 AMOLED display at no extra cost."

"This however, will increase the watch thickness to 10mm. We believe it's worth it to have a better display."

"The watch will come with a custom 4-pin magnetic lock charging cable. We have added a stretch goal for a charging cradle for users who would like one."

"Android Wear will be getting Offline Music, GPS Capabilities, and Custom Watch Faces. So, we've decided to add GPS to the Com 1."

"You know what the Com 1's missing? A heart rate sensor, so we've added one at no extra cost."

So that's GPS connectivity and a Super AMOLED display for $125? Let's hope its makers can sort out the legal wrangles with Google.

The team behind the Com 1 claims that it’s been a year in the making and the Indiegogo campaign stated that if they didn't reach their funding goal, you'd still get your watch.

However, with $20,000+ raised before the campaign was pulled it seems funding won't be the reason this proposed smartwatch never sees the light of day.

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