Android Wear now speaks the local lingo

Google Translate update adds bilingual conversations with just a flick of the wrist
Android Wear speaks the local lingo

Google has made some big updates to Android Wear recently. Not only has interactive watch faces finally come to pass, but the search giant also updated its Translate app to be compatible with Android Wear.

The service, which is embedded in the latest Android Wear software update, adds native support for Google Translate. After the update installs, it will be on your smartwatch automatically.

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You simply tap the microphone icon to speak a phrase. The watch app will translate it into one of 44 languages that you choose from. Then, you can flip your wrist over to show the person the translation. Next, he or she can speak the response. The app will automatically recognise which languages are being spoken on either end of the conversation.

As mentioned, Google Translate for Android Wear recognizes 44 spoken languages out of the 90 text translations the full translation service offers. Google notes it is working on adding more languages in the future.

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The app requires that your Android Wear device be connected to the internet, whether it is through localised connection from your smartphone, or over Wi-Fi when your devices are on the same network. However, you don't have to load Google Translate onto your phone for the Android Wear app to work.

It may seem a bit awkward to use your wrist to carry on a conversation with someone in a different language. However, this service is ideal for helping someone out that is lost in your neighborhood, looking for a bite to eat. Just a few taps and wrist flips, and the traveler will have dinner recommendations for your favorite spots. Who knows, you might even make a new friend.

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