Google delays Android Wear 2.0 to next year, brings Play Store to your wrist

2.0 gets pushed back to 'early 2017'
Android Wear 2.0 gets delayed

Google has announced it will continue the Android Wear 2.0 developer preview program into early 2017, which means we won't see the update roll out this year.

The next-gen operating system was expected to launch soon, but Google says it has decided to keep the preview going, while announcing the arrival of the program's third iteration.

The big addition found in the third instalment is the Play Store, letting Android wear users browse and download apps straight from the wrist, without having to install them on their phone.

Google says the Store was added in response to developers requesting an easier way for people to discover their apps, and by following a set procedure devs will be able to ensure their apps are visible on the store.

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There are other new features for developers too, including improvements to complications and support for contextual smart replies, which Google had previously announced would be coming.

You can see the entire roster of features here. If you want to get the developer preview yourself, you'll need to own either the Huawei Watch or the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.

We've already spent a fair bit of time with the 2.0 preview - you can check out our thoughts on the update so far here. Our verdict: a big thumbs up. It's just a shame that it will now take even longer to arrive, especially as it will be skipping Christmas.

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  • ScottyKnox says:

    Wow, I have been an AW early adapter since the original LG Watch.  I have had 5 different AW watches, currently use the LG Urbane 2 LTE.  Putting the play store on the watch does not represent an upgrade/advantage for me (I understand developers may want it).  I do not see myself surfing the store on my watch to find a new app.

    I have had several Samsung smartwatches (original Galaxy Gear, and currently Gear S2 3g).  Guess I will grab a new Gear S3 when it releases.  Tizen is a good OS and I enjoy the Tizen experience.  I will dust off my AW watch when Google gets around to upgrading to 2.0.  I have used the AW 2.0 preview edition on my LG, and really have not been that impressed (yes I know it is preview and buggy).  AW 2.0 needs to really do amazing things to lure me back to invest in expensive hardware (smartwatches are getting very expensive).

  • fovermeyer says:

    Hopefully will not be like Samsung Galaxy tab pro 8.4. They promised an upgrade for about a year before saying never mind,  we don't want to support our products. 

  • tony23 says:

    i'm afraid that's what will happen, the delay will give the perfect excuse for them, so forget wear 2.0 for moto 360, gwatch r etc..

  • zakernet says:

    Is it worth upgrading to the 3rd developer preview for iPhone? Do more of the apps work now that they're standalone - if sideloaded?

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